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Playgroup (minimum 3 days per week) – $25/day

Your pup will be picked up with all of his or her friends and get an hour of outdoor playtime.  They will run, jump, wrestle and even play a little tennis, soccer and basketball!  We then drop off your tired, happy pooch ensuring they have water and anything else you feel they need until you get home.  Playgroups are held Mondays through Fridays.

Weekly Playgroup (Monday-Friday) – $100/week

We offer a discounted playgroup rate for our daily clients.

Sleepover – $50/day

Whether you are away on vacation or on a business trip, we are here to take care of your pup.  They will stay in our home and be part of our family.  Sleepovers include 3 walks and tons of belly rubs!  We only use crates at your request.  We can’t wait to have your dog over for a sleepover at The Norvilles!

(Sleepovers limited to playgroup clients)

Sleepover w/ Playgroup – $60/day

If you would like your pooch to be a part of their regular playgroup while they are with us we are happy to take them along for a discounted playgroup rate!

(Sleepovers limited to playgroup clients)

Obedience Training

Have your pooch trained by our very own certified dog trainer. After a consultation we will set up a customized training schedule based on your pup’s individual needs and learning curve. Pricing is based on a case by case scenario. Please contact us for further details.

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